Workplace Wellbeing Programme

The focus is on specifics for your business and people.

The previous small group sessions automatically illuminate what these specifics are.
Maybe the business is pivoting from traditional retail to Ecommerce or entering a new market or maybe being a merger is being considered or a major restructuring?

The greatest benefit is that the business can often identify any specific issues ahead of the actual event ……….and potential pitfalls are avoided ……. Misconceptions cleared up and everyone was on board ……. Before the event.

This approach saves considerable time and money further down the road.

Most of us don’t like sudden unexplained changes to our daily lives …. Particularly change that is forced upon us like some “edict from above.”

And we are no different in the world of “work.”

These advanced sessions can change as your business demands and there is great flexibility in how you plan these – from one off sessions to weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions.

These sessions often focus on things like:

  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Restructuring and Redundancies
  • Business Productivity