Small Group Workshops

Small group workshops are where we move from theory to practice.

It looks at how you operate in life and work situations personally, as an individual.

How you operate as teams or departments or task groups.

And finally……….
How your whole business operates because of the above.

Small Group Workshops are usually three sessions with each session approximately two hours in duration.

Participants are usually 6-10 persons who share the same common problems or difficulties.

Session 1

This first session is a facilitated workshop which involves;

  • Identifying & Understanding personal values
  • Practical group exercises,
  • Videos & discussions & typical workplace scenarios

Session 2

The session is also a facilitated workshop which features:

  • Identifying and understanding unhelpful/unworkable thoughts.
  • Discussing the chain of thoughts, feelings.emotions and behaviours
  • Examining “stuck loops” – problems caused by unconscious behaviours

Session 3

Facilitated Workshop which involves:

  • Discovering and understanding helpful/workable actions
  • More productive behaviours and empathy – “wear another’s shoes.”
  • Practical tips for practising daily self awareness

What are the benefits?

Individual Benefits

  • Increased confidence – better work performance – less stress & anxiety
  • Create better relationships with themselves and others – they can read their own emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Better ability to separate what is IN their control and what lies outside it
  • Process driven mindset not result mindset.
  • Be happier and more content in their working life

Team Benefits

  • Better collaboration & communication with each other
  • Better “conflict resolution” and ability to “move on “without festering resentments and grievances.
  • Better morale – “we are in this together “- fosters mutual trust & respect
  • Less “working in silos” and “empire building” – no more seeking personal advancement at the expense of others.
  • Dramatic increase in problem solving productivity and creativity.

Business Benefits

  • More profit – increased productivity
  • Positive work culture – easier to recruit talented people & keep them
  • The entire business can manage change better – systems & process – the business is more flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions
  • Customer contact and relationships improve
  • The business becomes sustainable and agile.

Everyone Benefits