Wellbeing Consultation

You can tell us about what is unique to your business fingerprint ….. How you operate…your people and your goals and aspirations.

Maybe your business is entering new markets or pivoting to a different target customer or adopting new systems or working practices.

The analysis session gives both of us a foundation to work from.

Client feedback from these sessions has been excellent.

These sessions helps to pinpoint:

  • The quickest wins for you and your staff and business
  • Troubleshoot future problems or resolve existing ones
  • Barriers to creating positive relationships
  • Barriers to better personal creativity & productivity

The session also helps cement openness and the exchange of information in an honest and reciprocal way.

This creates mutual trust and respect.

Finally, the analysis session will allow us to create the format and content for the Small Group Workshops that follow.

We tailor the workshops to your business needs, your people, and your aspirations.

“Our initial one-hour session with Chris revealed so much. We realised we needed much more clarity in communicating the new business strategy to everyone.

I realise the tremendous value of everyone feels included and able to voice opinions clearly. We are now much more aligned with a collaborative team to deliver our new business strategy.”

Andrew Warring MD Green Hat Consulting